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Quality is our primary objective, as it has been since we started back in 1864. Each compressor is conservatively designed and engineered to provide decades of reliable service.

Norwalk Compressors are designed for Inert and Explosive Gas services applied in Major Global Markets including:

  • Industrial Gases:  Inert and Explosive Gases: High Pressure Air, Argon Nitrogen, Helium, Acetylene, Hydrogen, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrous Oxide, etc…
  • Process Gases: Hydrogen, Hydrocarbon, and Specialty gases for Petroleum, Chemical, Petro-Chemical based Refinery applications.  American Petroleum Industry (API-618) packages.
  • Alternate Fuels: Natural Gas or CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) for the NGV markets (Natural Gas Vehicles).

Norwalk Compressors include:


Norwalk Compressors are exclusively piston reciprocating type, with configurations as horizontal or vertical, single or two throw, and single or multistage compression.   Factory engineered, manufactured, assembled and tested in Stratford, Connecticut, USA .

Packaging and Designs available range from basic bare compressor blocks to complete  packaged skids.    Packaged systems include pressure vessels, heat exchangers, interconnecting piping, filtration, and analog or PLC based  fault detection systems.    Drive trains configurations include v-belt, gear reduction, or direct coupled.  Drivers may be electric induction motors, diesel, or natural gas engine drives up to 500 HP, designed as constant or variable speed.  Materials applied are application specific and in accordance with the latest industry standards, such as ASTM, NEMA, IEC, ISA, API, CENELEC, etc.


Filling Acetylene Cylinders for over a century,  Norwalk Acetylene Compressors are the choice for low maintenance compression equipment, proven highly reliable and quiet operation.    Most Acetylene Cylinder Filling Plants worldwide have at least one of Norwalk standard size packages available up to 50 hp.

Natural Gas Fueling

With natural gas fueling, going green has never been easier or more economical. Norwalk Compressor Fueling Stations solutions incorporate Century and Charger Series compressor products making clean-burning natural gas a viable vehicle fuel option for retail consumers and commercial fleets.

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