Compressor Applications

Market Segments:

Refineries – PetroChemicals – Specialty Gases

  • Vent Gas Compressor
  • Boil Off Gas Compressor
  • Process Gas Compressor
  • Recycle Gas Compressor
  • Tail Gas Compressor

Industrial Gases:

  • Tube Trailer Filling Compressor
  • Cylinder Filling Compressor
  • Natural Gas Compressor
  • High Pressure Air Compressor (HPAC)
  • Passivation High Pressure Air Compressor
  • CNG Compressor
  • Truck Unloading Compressor
  • Rail Car Unloading Compressor

Most popular industrial and process gas compressor packages:

  • Hydrogen Gas Compressor
  • Helium Gas Compressor
  • High Pressure Air Compressor
  • Nitrogen Compressor
  • STF Gas Compressor
  • Mixed Gas Compressor

All of the above applications are available as “Lube” and “Non Lube”, or “Oil Free”. Slimline and Century Series are available as multistage configurations up to five (5) stage of compression. Charger Series compressor models are available up to four (4) stages of compression.

Norwalk designs allow for continuous duty and easy operation for many industrial market applications:



High pressure helium service Slimline Series, five stage compressor depicted.


High Pressure Air Compressor (HPAC)


Norwalk compressors are application specific, give us a call and we’ll help you determine the best compressor solution for your compression equipment requirements.

Process Compressors

ONE OF THE MOST diverse areas of use for Norwalk compressors is in the Process Gas markets. Norwalk Compressor design advantages:

  • State of the art compressors, control systems
  • Meets or exceeds ASME and API-618 package requirements
  • Compressors designed for permanent installation
  • Nominimal downtime
  • Optimum customer services starting with the initial inquiry

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