Charger Series

Mostly vertical in configuration, these two (2) throw units have nominal frame rating of 40 HP (30 KW), and as standard equipment incorporates single compartment distance piece with oil scrapers and gas packing’s. Cylinder group options are available in 1 thru 4 stages of compression in both oil lubricated and non-lubricated configurations.

Every CHARGER compressor includes the following Standard Features:

  • Designed for Continuous Service with Minimum Maintenance
  • V-Belt Drive – Gear or Direct Drive Optional
  • Force Feed Lubrication for Frame and Running Gear
  • Crosshead and Distance Piece Assembly with Cylinder Packing’s and Oil Scrapers
  • Piston and Packing Ring Materials Designed for Each Application
  • Water Cooled Cylinders – Available in Lubricated or Non-Lubricated Configurations
  • Available for Customer Packaging or Fully Factory Packaged

CHARGER compressors can be designed and engineered to suit the most specifications, and numerous packaging options are offered.



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