Slimline Series

As horizontal, single throw, single or multi-stage compressors, which are designed for intermittent/continuous duty applications, and with frame power capabilities up to 400 HP, package configurations are available as high as 25,000 PSIG for oil-lubricated configurations and 6,000 PSIG for non-lubricated.

Several options designed and engineered to suit the most rigorous specs.

  • Continuous Service with Minimum Maintenance
  • Standard V-Belt Drive – Gear or Direct Coupled Drive trains
  • Splash Lubricated Frame and Running Gear – Force Feed Optional
  • Crosshead with Adjustable Shoes
  • Single or Double Compartment Distance Pieces
  • Water Cooled Cylinders
  • Lubricated or Non-Lubricated Gas End Configurations
  • Piston/Cylinder Configurations: Single Acting, Double Acting, Step, Tandem
  • Available Fully Factory Packaged or Customer Packaging


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